SS1: Horizon Europe – Towards the excellence in laser micromanufacturing through EU projects.

The aim of the special session is to bring together researchers of ambitious EU funded projects in any stage: just started, ongoing, or recently finished, with the goal of fostering cross-project collaboration and disseminate the objectives, results, and challenges of the projects. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: * Novel Laser Microprocessing System Approaches * Surface Texturing and Modification * Advances in precision micromachining * Data-driven optimization and use of AI in laser micromanufacturing, * Subwavelength structuring and patterning processes.

SS2: Success stories of laser applications with micrometer resolution in the industry.

This session will showcase success stories related to laser applications in micro-nano processes for a broader audience. The LPM is a primarily research-oriented conference that attracts researchers and scientists from around the world. Hence, this session will serve to bridge the gap between researchers and scientists, and the laser solutions employed by the industry. Simultaneously, it will provide a framework for various companies and stakeholders in the industry to explore new and cutting-edge laser technologies in micro and nano processes.

LPM 25th Year Anniversary Session.

Prof. Yongfeng Lu

Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt

Dr. Koji Sugioka